Facebook Review – Jason O’Connell

I had no doubts that after seeing a ton of previous great reviews, that Leta would serve me well in the home buying process. And after closing on my home about 2wks ago, I found that I couldn’t have been more right!! I began looking for a home around mid-July and I was moving in 2mos later!! With her knowledge, helpfulness, resourcefulness, professionalism, and ease to work with, Leta made the home buying process nothing short of incredibly easy and actually enjoyable. There were aspects involved with submitting a formal offer that I would’ve never realized existed and I really feel that Leta made this a winning situation for me. And it’s proof that through her professional guidance and assistance in helping me to submitting an offer, that she was looking out for ME, what I wanted, what I needed, and what would help me land an accepted offer and yet come out feeling ahead. Even after closing, Leta helped me tremendously!! I would undoubtedly recommend Leta to even my closest family members and friends to work with in the home buying/selling process. Thanks again, Leta, for all your help in making buying a home a snap!!

Jason O’Connell – Past Client
The Leta Jacquet Team – Facebook Review